Having an agile organization is a state that many companies are working towards these days. Starting large scale implementations of various frameworks is one approach, but this might not be the best way of starting when you are introducing the concept of Business agility to an organization. When transforming the organization, the key thing is that all of the organization needs an agile mindset. This is where many organizations fail, they implement tools/frameworks instead of developing the agile mindset. In this talk, Kristina will share practical experience from different companies on these areas:
  • How to get people engaged and be a part of the journey towards having an agile mindset
  • How to mature the organization into agile ways of working
  • How to bridge between organizational silos to start collaboration and work agile across
Talk in English language.

Kristina Marie Kjønnås

Kristina is agile coach and co-owner of EKKO Consulting  a company specialized in working with agile transformations. She is an Agile enthusiast at heart with a passion for continuous improvement through working with people and mindset.
Kristina holds a Master of Change Management and has 10+ years of experience working with changes in the oil and energy sector using agile and lean methodologies, e.g. from national oil and gas producer Equinor (former Statoil).
Kristina states that “Change is a collective effort and the key is to work with people and leaders establishing an agile mindset so that everybody is engaged in the improvement and innovation”.
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